Metal Band Steel Panther Listens To Marshmello For The First Time

Despite his tens of millions of followers on social media, there are indeed some people who have never heard of Marshmello before. One example is glam metal cover band Steel Panther, whose members Michael Starr and Satchel host a rather odd vlog called “The World Of Music.” On the latest episode, the two sat down to listen to Marshmello’s song “Happier” with Bastille. And the whole experience is like a car crash you can’t look away from. At first it seems like Starr likes the song, but then hates it by the end; Satchel, on the other hand, describes the vocals (which is actually Bastille singing) as “pure” and “way better than I thought it was gonna be.”

“Maybe he’s got some heavy metal running through his veins,” Satchel remarks. “You know what it sounds like to me? Sounds like he’s got a big f*cking c*ck, too. You sound jealous that his balls are bigger than your tits.” Poetry. Watch this blast from the past below; check back tomorrow for Marshmello’s new song with Flux Pavilion and Elohim.

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