Mersiv Sparks EDM Twitter Drama By Calling Out Artists Who Use “Dark and Evil” Branding

Mersiv sparked quite the drama in the EDM twitter-verse yesterday by taking a shot at producers and artists who push their music by “branding off of satanic symbolism and dark evil shit.” The tweet led to countless DJs adding their two cents and criticizing the Denver producer for ‘gatekeeping’ and being closed-minded. SVDDEN Death, Subtronics, Dubloadz, and many other artists chimed in as you’ll see below. Check out the responses.

— SVDDEN DEATH (@svddendeathdub) October 21, 2019

— 🎃WOOKED ON CYCLOPS INVASION 🎃 (@Subtronics) October 20, 2019

— Dubloadz (@Dubloadz) October 20, 2019

— bleep bloop (@bleepbloopbass) October 20, 2019

— FuntCase | DPMO (@FuntCaseUK) October 21, 2019

— 𝙃𝙑𝘿𝙀𝙎 (@hvdesmusic) October 21, 2019

— ATLiens (@ATLiensOfficial) October 21, 2019