Mersiv Makes A Comeback With The Much-Anticipated “Juggernaut” Banger Featuring Kyral X Banko

With “Juggernaut,” Mersiv and Kyral X Banko deliver one of the most eagerly awaited IDs in recent history. The track, which was first revealed back in 2019, immediately rose to the top of Mersiv’s most-wanted tracks list for good reason: this thing is a total banger. This song seems like it was composed just for the festival main stage, from the creative sound design to the professional mixdown. Thanks to the success of his first album Pretty Dark Loud, Mersiv has been at the peak of his career, and “Juggernaut” is proof that the up-and-coming producer has no intention of slowing down.

Mersiv & Kyral X Banko – Juggernaut