Mersiv Issues Response After Satanism Tweet Goes Viral

Toward the end of the weekend, a seemingly innocuous tweet — at least by its owner’s standards — sent much of the bass music world, and those working in branding, into an absolute tizzy. Of course, I’m talking about Mersiv’s tweet about satanism. The tweet garnered responses from plenty of contemporaries, like SVDDEN DEATH, HVDES, Dubloadz, and others. The general response was, “F*ck you, we can do what we want.”

Obviously, the tweet gained more notice than Mersiv sound ever expected. Yesterday, he admitted as much in a response on Twitter. “I never realized how large my platform has grown and I’m amazed with all of the interaction there was and how many conversations have been started.” He continued, “When it’s all said and done I never meant to offend anyone with my tweet… I love dark shit and I should have provided more context in my tweet and I’m sorry for the backhanded statement that it was.”

— Mersiv Sound Project (@mersivsound) October 22, 2019

SVDDEN DEATH also responded to the response, echoing his desire for Mersiv to have expanded on his original thoughts. But it appears Mersiv was distracted on tour, so that wasn’t really an option at the time. You can read his response below.

— SVDDEN DEATH (@svddendeathdub) October 22, 2019

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