Menswear Microtrends You Should Know About Right Now

Nobody enjoys running into someone who is dressed identically to them. It’s humiliating. And keeping up with the latest and greatest menswear trends is a good approach to increase your chances. Digging a little further is required to present yourself in a way that is both unique and current. Dive beneath the surface of the mainstream menswear tidal wave and discover what’s beneath. These are your menswear microtrends: the off-the-beaten-path fashion movements that can put you a step ahead of the pack. Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming season.

Perforated Uppers

Batman, holy sneakers! Literally. Shoes with perforated toe boxes are nothing new. Take a look at the Air Force 1 to see what I mean. Even so, they’re experiencing a rebirth in popularity right now, and we’re not complaining. Blame it on the resurgence of 90s fashion, or the fetishization of all things retro. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: holey uppers are back, and now is a fantastic time to join in. Because of the extra airflow, you might suppose this style is best suited to the warmer months. You’d be correct. Perforated uppers, on the other hand, are useful for more than just allowing your feet to breathe; they also look wonderful.

The best perforated sneakers for men

Striped Wool Jumpers

If you spent the 1980s swooning over Freddie Krueger’s sweater rather than hiding behind the sofa, this one will be right up your (Elm) alley. Stripy sweaters have made a comeback, making dressing for the weather and staying on trend a breeze. Wrapping up and giving your ensemble a main point is easy with bold lines, block colors, and thick knits. Fine gauge knits, thin stripes, and delicate tones can all be employed to inject a little flair into the proceedings.

The best striped jumpers for men

Commando Soles

Commando sole units that are tough as nails. For a time now, they’ve been marching their way off the frontlines and onto some of menswear’s favorite footwear shapes. Classics like the Chelsea boot and the Derby shoe have been given a military makeover, emerging from basic training with an extra dosage of attitude. This footwear microtrend is all about removing the typical flat leather or rubber sole from traditionally smart or elegant designs. In their place are the kind of thick Vibram treads that can withstand the elements in the winter. It’s one of the most practical style moves you can add to your seasonal repertoire, especially with the terrible weather doing everything it can to come into full swing.

The best commando sole shoes for men

Patterned Dinner Jackets

We’re in the thick of party season, which means dressing to impress is a must. That doesn’t mean you have to cram yourself into drab black tie and do your best Sean Connery impersonation. The holiday season allows you to be more imaginative with your party attire. While this may appear difficult, it’s a piece of cake when you have a spectacular dinner jacket on hand. This microtrend is all about striking a balance between being noticeable and being understated. There are patterns all everywhere, but they’re subtle. Colors are present, although they are muted.

The best patterned dinner jackets for men

Leopard Print

You know we’d be the last people to advocate dressing up like Fred Flintstone for a night out. The animal print trend, on the other hand, does not appear to be going away anytime soon, so it’s definitely time you paid attention to it. In terms of species, the leopard has recently been seen on the catwalks. And, as strange as it may seem and as Mel B-esque as it may appear, when styled thoughtfully, it can actually work nicely. Shirting, striking outerwear, and accessories are all key elements. If you don’t want to risk getting shot by a trophy-hunting dentist the next time you go for a walk, remember to only wear one piece at a time.

The best leopard print menswear pieces

Panelled Joggers

Fashion moves at a breakneck pace and is merciless. A trend must decline further the more popular it becomes. Over the last year or so, as years of minimalism, thin cuts, and athleisure gave way to 90s styling, larger silhouettes, and maximalism, pared-back, smart joggers have been one of the many hero items of sportswear to be superseded. Retro sporty styles with panel detailing and hefty branding are in right now, with labels like The North Face and Fila leading the way. Block colors, cut-and-sew fabric combinations, and plenty of textural variants are all on the menu.

The best panelled joggers for men

Safety Orange

You’re not going to get trapped in an avalanche on your way to work or be swept out to sea while running to the store to purchase some eggs. Even yet, knowing you’d be simple to spot if you were is reassuring. Safety orange is the trendy color in men’s clothing right now. While it may not be for everyone, it is undeniably a safe way to add a burst of color to an ensemble. This bright hue looks especially good on outerwear and accessories. Windbreakers, waterproofs, cross-body bags, and beanies are just a few examples. It’s true that it’s more on the streetwear side of things, and it takes a courageous man to match it with any kind of tailoring. Orange, on the other hand, is one of the boldest style changes to do this winter if you have the courage for it.

Mickey Mouse

One of the main microtrends of AW18 is Disney’s big-eared rodent mascot. It’s because it’s his birthday today — his 90th to be exact. Allow us to explain why that makes him a trend, and why you’d be totally justified in doing so. In honor of Mickey’s 90th birthday, the cartoon mouse has teamed up with some of the biggest brands in menswear to create limited-edition commemorative items, similar to what Sesame Street and Peanuts have done in recent seasons. From Swatch to Clarks, everyone has gotten in on the action. Oh, boy, maybe it’s time you did as well.