MEMBA Releases Stunning New Single “Schools Out” [LISTEN]

School is not quite out for the summer, but MEMBA will make you believe it. Like a heat wave, this new track “Schools Out” will warm souls everywhere with its sunny disposition. The production style, with light, playful notes and vocal chants, reminds of ODESZA. If you remember, MEMBA recently put out an official remix for the duo — and here producers Ishaan Chaudhary and Will Curry radiate a similar vibe through their original music.

“Schools Out” is a simply gorgeous blend of acoustic instruments and electronic elements that balance out in masterful fashion. The song has a lighthearted, happy demeanor, but demonstrates the depth and complexities of seasoned producers. Above all else, it provokes the kind of emotions you want to bottle up and keep with you forever. MEMBA share their thoughts on the release: “School’s Out is about childhood. That feeling of wonder we’re all born with. That sparkle in your eye that life tends to slowly wear out of you. We wanted to make a place where no one ever lost it.”

“Schools Out” is available now via ODESZA’s own Foreign Family Collective.

Get it:

MEMBA – Schools Out