Melt Cosmetics Ultraviolet Blushlight (Trio) Review & Swatches


Melt Cosmetics Ultraviolet Blushlight (Trio) is a jumbo-sized blush compact that contains a pan that’s been split into three distinctive shades. The brand says that it can be used “on face and around eyes as desired” (I wonder if “around” is code for “not for the immediate eye area,” though). As a blush formula, the heavy, denser, and thicker consistency made it difficult to pick up product, left them often looking thick and textured on my cheeks, and ranged from “make it stop” to “don’t apply in a rush” levels of difficulty.

They were pigmented, but they were extremely difficult to apply and blend out on my cheeks, which made me think that they’d be more workable as eyeshadows. The sparkling purple was a total failure across the board, while I had better success with the other two shades, but I’d never want to use these again–far too much effort and not enough reward.

Each shade is physically large enough for a small blush brush or a tapered highlighter to fit easily into them, so the shades were usable as individual hues.

Ultraviolet #1

Ultraviolet #1 is a light-medium purple with subtle, cool undertones and a heavy, frosted finish. It had a denser, thick consistency that felt more emollient but was really hard to apply evenly to bare skin (or over primer for that matter) whether as an eyeshadow or as a cheek color. I had a hard time discerning whether it was worse on my eyes or on my cheeks–it was patchy, uneven, and emphasized all texture on my cheeks, while on my lids, it emphasized texture, creased within four hours, and looked like a patchy mess that couldn’t be resolved with furious blending and flat brushes or even being used wet. It lasted longer as a cheek color with seven and a half hour wear, but it performed worse over foundation (ate my foundation around the six-hour mark).

Ultraviolet #2

Ultraviolet #2 is a bright, medium fuchsia pink with cool, blue undertones and flecks of larger lavender and violet glitter. It had opaque pigmentation in a single layer, though the powder was incredibly dense and firm, so I had to really jab and push my brush against the surface to get enough product onto my brush to begin with. In a way, this made it a bit easier to apply as a cheek color as it didn’t load up on my brush so I could apply and blend it out, then build up color.

I found that the thicker texture tended to emphasize my skin texture and made the product clump up in some places. It wore well for nine hours as a cheek color, though the glitter traveled over time. As an eyeshadow, there was some fallout within two hours of wear but lasted for a solid seven hours overall, but the color went on evenly and blended out without too much effort.

Ultraviolet #3

Ultraviolet #3 is a medium-dark plum with warmer undertones and a cooler, violet sheen. It had a smoother texture to the touch, but it was quite dense, firm, and stiff to work with, so it had to really be pushed and jabbed into to pick up product. It was difficult to apply the product on my eye as the thinner (yet stiff/firm) texture tended to move around rather than build up or blend out. As a cheek color, it worked similarly, which resulted in an uneven application with areas of heavy color that emphasized my skin texture. It stayed on well for seven hours as an eyeshadow and eight hours as a cheek color.