Melt Cosmetics Gamma Ray Blushlight (Trio) Review & Swatches

Gammy Ray

Melt Cosmetics Gammy Ray Blushlight (Trio) is one of those products that is supposed to work well on eyes and cheeks, but it doesn’t work well on either. The texture was too heavy, silicone-heavy, and firmly-pressed in the pan, so what product came off the pan was clumpy and thick, which resulted in emphasizing texture on my skin, whether lids or cheeks.

It also made the product harder to diffuse and spread across the skin, which is why it was so spectacularly patchy on my cheeks. You could not wear this over foundation at all; it only looked decent in photos because it’s applied over bare skin, but so much blending and manipulating has to be done that it would lift up all of your base products if it was done over foundation.

Gamma Ray #1

Gamma Ray #1 is a pale, pink-peach with a golden shimmer and sparkle to it. It didn’t seem so bad when initially swatched; a little heavier, thicker, and almost overly emollient, but applied to my skin, it was chunky. It didn’t diffuse or blend well as the powder moved and clumped up on itself and left behind bald patches and areas that were thickened with product–it was an ugly sight to behold!

I tried to apply it to my eye area with a fingertip as well as a wet brush but could not get decent results. When applied to my cheeks, it emphasized my skin texture, separated into small, patchy bits, and it was horrendous over foundation (only usable, if you stand five feet away from everyone else at all times, over bare skin). It had semi-opaque pigmentation that stayed on decently for six hours on eyes and seven hours on my cheeks.

Gamma Ray #2

Gamma Ray #2 is a light, tangerine orange with strong, warm yellow undertones and flecks of gold sparkle and fine pearl that shifted from peach to pink. It had semi-opaque pigmentation that built up poorly, as the texture was thick, chunky, and powdery. It sat poorly on my skin, whether that was on my eye or on my cheeks; it diffused terribly and looked patchy, almost clump, so it added texture and emphasized skin texture/lid texture. It wore well for six hours on eyes and seven hours on my cheeks before fading noticeably.

Gamma Ray #3

Gamma Ray #3 is a bright, fiery coral with warm, red undertones and a copper sheen. It was intensely pigmented with a very dense, firm texture that was heavy and thick in all the wrong ways. You’d think it would apply decently as an eyeshadow, but it was so difficult to pick up with an eye brush and adhered in a thin, very muted layer of product that did not blend out or spread well over my lid. As a cheek product, it clung to my skin and was loathe to spread out, and so I ended up with the shimmer spreading out more readily than the base color, which resulted in a patchy, uneven application of color. The color lasted well for seven hours on my cheek and five hours on my lid.