Melt Cosmetics Crushed Glitter Lip Glosses Reviews & Swatches



Melt Cosmetics Sucker Crushed Glitter Lip Gloss has a very sheer, milky base with flecks of small and larger pieces of opalescent glitter pieces. Of the four glosses, this one actually had more semi-sheer “coverage” from glitter and had better dispersion of that glitter, so it covered more evenly and was somewhat visible in person.

The larger, “irregular” shaped glitter didn’t always lay flat (as they were large, flat pieces over a curved area) and sometimes felt sharp when I pressed my lips together. The milky quality of the underlying gloss went on fairly evenly, lightening my natural lip color, and wasn’t too bad in the settling department. The shine and milkiness lasted for an hour and a half, and then some of the glitter started to flake off shortly after.

Stupid Cupid

Melt Cosmetics Stupid Cupid Crushed Glitter Lip Gloss has a translucent base with a smattering of holographic glitter pieces. The gloss base felt smooth, not too thick or too thin, and wasn’t tacky, and this particular shade had finer glitter so it wasn’t as textured/jagged when I pressed my lips together compared to other three glosses.

I’m not sure why the effect of the glitter used in the gloss was so lackluster or whether that was a result of how sparsely “pigmented” the glitter was, but it looked like a shiny, sheer gloss but wasn’t really sparkly (even in person!). It wore for an hour before most of the shine had disappeared, and the glitter was more prone to traveling if left without touching up (or removing).

If one compares this shade to the brand’s promotional images, it should actually translate into a grayish gloss with a moderate amount of glitter, but in reality, it’s so much sheerer.

Johnny Rose

Melt Cosmetics Johnny Rose Crushed Glitter Lip Gloss has a near-translucent base (with the barest peach tint) with sparse flecks of flatter, glitter pieces and finer gold sparkle in the background.

It was more sparsely “pigmented” from the sparkle/glitter; it barely added any dimension (even in person). The glitter pieces did not disperse evenly, and they were extremely noticeable on and felt “irregular” shaped as it felt almost like a static shock when I pressed my lips together at times as they were a little sharper.

The consistency of the actual gloss was smooth, non-sticky, and was comfortable to wear, but the effect was so minimal paired with shorter longevity that after an hour, it looked like I had crumbs on my lips in certain lighting conditions, and was prone to glitter migration/traveling if not removed or re-applied after the shine wore away.

As If

Melt Cosmetics As If Crushed Glitter Lip Gloss is a black-tinted, sheerer base with flecks of holographic sparkle and glitter pieces. There also seemed to be very fine black shimmer/pearl that looked speckled in the close-up, though I think from a normal viewing distance it just looked like it darkened my natural lip color, added moderate shine, and then some random sparkle that barely caught the light–definitely not a “burst” of it at all.

Despite having a smooth consistency in its base, I could easily feel the shimmer and, at times, the larger particle glitter that felt almost jagged. I’m not particularly sensitive to feeling the texture of glitter in a gloss either. It was difficult to evenly disperse the glitter/sparkle during application. It wore well for two hours and was lightly hydrating over time.