Mayne’s new song ‘Think Bigger’ is a breathtaking new string of hip-hop music that sounds terrific in his voice

Mayne stands out in the crowd with his highly engaging composition titled ‘Think Bigger’ that focuses on the bigger things in life with much precision and confidence. Spiritual focused artist Mayne digs deeper into his inner conscience and comes up with another soul-stirring and engaging hip-hop track ‘Think Bigger’. The fine blending of his vocals with the captivating soul music causes a worldly effect on a music lover like me who stays tuned to such satisfying and inspirational compositions.

Although the track flows for something more than two minutes, the effect it creates with its intensified lyrics and quickly engaging music is long lingering. I couldn’t get the track out of my mind even after playing it on repeat. The artist’s vocals burst with passion and he shows so much control over his rap that there are a couple of moments where he makes it feels that everything can be easily overcome with such pleasant-sounding music.

Coming from Maryland, Mayne is a spiritually-focused artist who focuses on emotions rather than the ego to create his stuff and lets his songs speak to the soul by rising consciousness. Built under the label Osirian Records, ‘Think Bigger’ goes complete offbeat from the regular hip-hop sounds and put back my faith in life with its positive energy. The artist believes in his music and has included such intricate elements in the track that is to find these days. He also made an appearance on the Radio interview campaign lately. Listen closely to the track on Soundcloud for maximum engagement and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more information.

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