Maximono’s Latest Release: ‘The Outtakes’ – A House Music Extravaganza

Maximono, the talented German artist and producer, has recently unveiled a mesmerizing collection of previously unreleased tracks titled ‘The Outtakes.’ With a career that spans back to the late 90s, Maximono initially made a name for himself in the electronic music scene, specializing in breakbeats, jungle, and drum & bass. However, in 2015, he embarked on a genre-defying journey, delving into the realm of house music. This bold shift in musical direction quickly garnered the attention of influential labels such as Dirtybird, This Ain’t Bristol, Sweat It Out, Confession, Insomniac, and CUFF.

Exploring Maximono’s Musical Evolution

Maximono’s musical journey is a testament to his versatility and innovation. Armed with a master’s degree in low-end theory and a penchant for crafting otherworldly, wobbly leads, Maximono collaborated with fellow bass aficionados and renowned artists like Malaa, Mat.Joe, Huxley, Kevin Knapp, and Marten Hørger. Together, they created a series of critically acclaimed tracks, including “Arsenic,” “Drummer Loco,” and “So High.”

A Glimpse into ‘The Outtakes’

Maximono’s latest offering, ‘The Outtakes,’ is a testament to his unrelenting creativity. Released through the esteemed label This Ain’t Bristol, this album is a sonic journey that spans the house music spectrum. Throughout the album, Maximono’s signature style is evident, characterized by trippy melodies and hypnotic grooves.

In each track, Maximono pushes the boundaries of sound, introducing listeners to a wide range of experiences. From distorted bass wubs that pulsate through your senses to the infectious rhythms of breakbeats, ‘The Outtakes’ is a captivating exploration of electronic music.

Something for Every Music Lover

‘The Outtakes’ is a musical treasure trove that caters to a diverse audience. Whether you’re a seasoned electronic music enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, Maximono’s latest release has something for everyone. This album is a testament to Maximono’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of sound and providing listeners with a fresh sonic experience.

We are privileged to get a sneak peek into Maximono’s musical vault with ‘The Outtakes.’ Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this extraordinary collection. Check it out below and embark on a musical journey like no other!