Maximilian Schneider Designs a 21st Century Batmobile Dubbed The Koenigsegg Konigsei Concept

Batman called the Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer, Mitsubishi Motors, saying he’s missing his car and wants it back. Designed by the revered Maximilian Schneider, the Koenigsegg Konigsei concept represents an ideal combination of exotic delineation and high performance.

Drawing inspiration by both the shape and texture of an egg, the Koenigsegg showcases a wrap-around windshield, wide bodywork and subtle double-bubble cockpit. With a body and interior crafted using real recycled eggshells, the Koenigsegg Konigsei concept is fueled by a 6.4-liter hydrogen V8, which harnesses over 1,618 horsepower, accelerating 0 to 60 in under 3.5 seconds, at drag-limited top speeds of 274 mph.

Not yet built to order, the potential existence and ownership of this car and the available 21st century technological advancements, make Koenigsegg Konigsei concept anything but a far-fetched ambition.