Matt B hypes your ego with New Single “Swipe”

This track released in what felt like an early 2000s club. From the beat to the slant of the lyrics, this is total throwback for those who grew up on club-era Usher. If you are having a bad day or if you just have that one person who loves to hates but also loves to watch you… “Swipe” is the song for you. Coming in with a lot of confidence and swagger, Matt B hypes your ego enough to walk into that room with your ex like you own it or go for the promotion even if you don’t feel quite ready. We simply love the self-confidence in this song and it is especially a great vibe if you really need that right now.

Add “Swipe” to your Spotify playlist today and save it for when you are really mad at your boss… or you just want to make some boss moves. While it has been said a million times that haters are fans, this song says it in a way that is both laid-back… and throwing just a little bit of shade at that person – and you will think of one – when you hear this song for the first time.

Matt B is sure to have a hit on his hands and we cannot wait to see what he drops next in the near future!