MASTERIA jumps back IN / ROTATION with his Latest Single, “Everything”

MASTERIA jumps back IN / ROTATION with his latest single, “Everything.” As a Detroit-based talent known for his menacing productions, MASTERIA switches up the mood to make room for some much needed optimistic energy. As the industry begins to open back up, “Everything” is the perfect segue into a hopeful future.

The track delivers an unexpected twist on MASTERIA’s fierce style of bass house. Featuring sermon-like spoken word vocals matched with quirky sound design and a rolling bassline, the production is packed with fun switch-ups to match the track’s positive tone.

MASTERIA shares in his own words:

‘Everything’ is a track about hope and having a belief that no matter what you might be going through, everything really will be okay in the end. This pandemic especially created a sense of dread and hopelessness in a community that thrives on positivity and energy, so I wanted to write a high-energy track with vocals that reflected the need to have hope that our industry and love for live performances will return one day soon.

Listen to “Everything” here and link up with MASTERIA below.


MASTERIA – Everything