Mastercard Has Created An Audio Sensitive Mask Perfect For Upcoming Festivals And Events

As venues start opening up and shows start coming back, masks are still very much required. In an interesting twist, BRIT Awards 2021 headline sponsor Mastercard has created an audio sensitive mask perfect for upcoming festivals and events. The lights interact with their environment, responding to music and sounds in real time.

The design features 8×8 micro-LED lights with 64 pixels, transforming this safety measure into a unique statement piece that combines passions of technology, music and fashion. The mask is fully rechargeable and the lights are activated with the click of a button. According to Mastercard’s research, “17% of Gen Z and Millennials like to wear them to make a statement by choosing a unique design that looks good on them and matches their outfit. This is particularly apparent amongst this younger generation with 14% saying their mask is a reflection of their personality.”

Snag these “Priceless” limited edition masks on May 20th at In the meantime, learn more here.

Mastercard LED Masks

H/T: Wales Online | Source: Mastercard