Mashonda Makes A Comeback With Her Self-Reflective New EP, “Note To Self”

Mashonda, a singer/songwriter, has just released her latest EP, “Note to Self,” through Tifrere Music, which is distributed by Beatroot. The five-song EP is a musical compilation of self-reflection, and it contains the track “Complicated,” for which she has just created a video. Mashonda’s experiences learnt while managing romantic relationships over the previous five years are shared in “Note To Self.”

Mashonda complements the music’s soothing, therapeutic vibe with affirming interludes. Mashonda and The Millennials collaborated on the EP’s writing and production. Mashonda made her debut as a producer and creative director with the video for “Complicated,” which was shot in New York. “Complicated” is the third single from “Note to Self,” following “Forbidden Fruit” and “Positive Distraction.”