Martin Garrix’s New Song “Summer Days” With Macklemore & Fall Out Boy Out Thursday

martin garrix

On Saturday, Martin Garrix, Macklemore, and Fall Out Boy all shared the phrase “I got this feeling on a Summer day” on social media, along with a picture. Between the sameness of the caption and the timing of the posts (all within 10 minutes), it was clear that these three were in cahoots and were teasing something. What we didn’t realize at the time was that STMPD RCRDS had already teased the collaboration a couple days prior on YouTube, called “Summer Days.”

The YouTube teaser is only 15 seconds long and doesn’t give away very much, even going so far as to have the last five seconds of the video be silent. However, some fans are guessing that the new blank spaces at the beginning of the title are a placeholder for “On April the 26th.” However, it’s really the 25th as Garrix confirmed on Instagram. Stay tuned for this release, it’s out bright and early!

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