Martin Garrix’s Most Iconic Track “Animals” Just Turned 6 [LISTEN AGAIN]

“Animals,” the instant classic track by Martin Garrix, just turned 6 years old — and it’s still a banger. This thrilling production is truly one of the most influential tracks in all of dance music history. Back in 2013, “Animals” thrust a young Garrix from bedroom producer into a global superstar. Flash forward to now, the song is still wildly popular and has racked up nearly 1.3 billion views on YouTube.

It’s hard to think of modern EDM if not for “Animals,” and before Garrix was dubbed the world’s #1 DJ. His household name and entire project truly embodies the genre and what people have come to expect from modern dance music. The original song released by Spinnin’ Records was just the beginning. However, “Animals” isn’t playing out quite as much as it typically would this festival season, as Garrix is currently on the mend. The producer suffered a serious ankle injury at a recent show and is expected to be out for weeks. He’s been forced to cancel a number of festival gigs. Play “Animals” again below and be sure to wish this legend a speedy recovery! His presence is deeply missed.

Martin Garrix – “Animals”

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