Martin Garrix Receives Plaque For Reaching 10 Billion Streams In Last 3 Years

Tiësto just recently received a massive plaque from Universal Music Group for his achievement of 4.5 billion streams, but Martin Garrix just handily eclipsed that with his own plaque and major streaming record. While the plaque is considerably smaller, Garrix was awarded it for 10 billion streams, and that’s in just the last three years! While he has yet to hit the coveted one billion streams (at least, solely on Spotify) on any one of his tracks, pretty much all of his hits have more than 100 million each.

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His biggest tracks include “In The Name Of Love” (868 million), “Scared To Be Lonely” (733 million), and “There For You” (454 million).

Check out his plaque below that he got from Sony Music, along with the photo of his massive team who helps make it all possible.

— MARTIN GARRIX (@MartinGarrix) October 21, 2019

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