Martin Garrix Readies First Ever YTRAM Release On His Radio Show [FIRST LISTEN]

Martin Garrix debuts music as YTRAM in the latest episode of his radio show in collaboration with Bleu Clair for “Make You Mine” featuring RA. “Make You Mine” trades big room energy for feelsy tech house groove that boasts gorgeous vocals and massive appeal. The upcoming single is easy on the ears and insanely repeatable, so we’re marking it down as an instant hit. As the tracklist reveals, it’s a YTRAM production — which spells out Marty backwards.

Although Martin Garrix is one of the most recognizable names in dance music, that doesn’t deter him from experimenting with alter egos YTRAM, GRX and AREA21. We expect nothing but quality records pumping through these projects for years to come. Watch below or jump to 31:40 to hear Bleu Clair & YTRAM – “Make You Mine” featuring RA. According to Martin Garrix Hub, the song already registers on Shazam — so an official release is near.


Martin Garrix Radio – Episode 303

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