Martin Garrix New Single As Ytram With Elderbrook

Nearly two months ago, Martin Garrix dropped the first-ever track for his fourth alias, Ytram. Along with GRX and Area21, Martin Garrix has explored so many different sounds within dance music, and this newest iteration with Ytram is just as good as the rest. This newest track, “Fire,” comes with an Elderbrook collaboration and the combination is absolutely stunning. The intro almost sounds like it’s ready to be a huge festival sound, but as soon as the vocals come in, it becomes more subdued and gentle. The same sort of fake out comes again just ahead of the drop, teasing some huge festival sound and then blending into a wonderful, leisurely drop filled with melody and rhythm.

It’s clear that with Ytram, Garrix is going for a calmer house vibe than the massive, festival-ready anthems and radio-ready pop collaborations he typically puts out. And he’s nailing it — no surprise there. He can blend in effortlessly with other STMPD artists as GRX and brings a more pronounced hip hop vibe with Maejor on Area21, so why not do a simpler house sound? You can listen to “Fire” below, out now via STMPD RCRDS.

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