Martin Garrix Finally Releases Mega Collab With Macklemore & Fall Out Boy, “Summer Days”

My first thought when I learned about the Martin Garrix, Macklemore, and Fall Out Boy collaboration “Summer Days” was, “Why?” My second thought was, “Wait, I’m really curious what this could sound like…” Well, it’s out now and I can say that I did not expect it to sound like this. It’s hard to say I had any particular expectation for “Summer Days,” really. But the last thing I expected was a funky, French house-influence indie rock number.

It’s heavily characterized by a funky bassline, crisp electric guitar, and Justice-esque vocal effects that give it that French touch. Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump takes care of the chorus, and also has a verse in there, while Macklemore’s unique rap style remains the most salient vocal takeaway from the track. “Summer Days” is hard to imagine getting played out on typical EDM main stages; but, the potential for remixes is ripe. Check it out below.