Martin Garrix Drops First New AREA21 Song In A Year, “HELP”

Martin Garrix released an entire album’s worth of material in 2018, so we understand that his side project AREA21 only put out one track last year. But we’re happy to see the duo with Maejor revived in 2019 for a new track, “HELP.”

“HELP” is a bit more subdued than some of the past material from AREA21, putting more emphasis on the hip hop and downtempo production. The lyrics are also a bit more poignant and pointed than some of their previous tracks, tackling issues like human superficiality, materialism, and religious extremism. The lyrics are sung from the perspective of the AREA21 aliens approaching Earth and seeing the strife and conflict, and basically saying, “You know what, maybe we’ll come back another time.” Check out “HELP” from AREA21 below.

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