Martial Simon and MarzVille Revitalize the Classic “Break My Stride” with an Uplifting House Remix

Renowned for his adept skill in revitalizing timeless classics, Martial Simon joins forces with internationally acclaimed Soca artist, MarzVille, to present an innovative take on Matthew Wilder’s enduring hit, “Break My Stride.” This collaborative effort infuses the track with an invigorating blend of electronic elements and lively melodies, complemented by MarzVille’s exceptional vocal prowess. The outcome is a melody that effortlessly brightens the listener’s day, amalgamating Martial Simon’s distinctive and vibrant ambiance with MarzVille’s celebrated Caribbean rhythms.

Beyond his creative endeavors, Martial Simon, as the visionary behind GET SET Records, has not only shaped his own artistic journey but has also been instrumental in guiding the paths of many others. Through his record label, he serves as a conduit to a global audience, strategically propelling the artists he signs toward potential triumphs.