Marshmello Wins (And Loses) His First WWE Belt In This ABSURD Series Of Events

Marshmello has entered every facet of entertainment, from daytime television, to cooking, to gaming, and more. Now, he’s making his debut on… WWE SmackDown? Yep, Marshmello made a special guest appearance on SmackDown yesterday. And, not only did he make the appearance, he actually won the 24/7 Title!! (For a little while, anyway.)

The DJ is talking to R-Truth and Carmella when Heavy Machinery comes up with a bucket of chocolate and a stack of graham crackers. In his haste to get away, Mello accidentally stumbles and pins Carmella. Thankfully, there’s a ref nearby who gives it a 3-count and awards Mello his first-ever WWE title! (Kitschy enough for you, yet?) Don’t worry though, Marshmello isn’t walking out with the title. Later on, R-Truth and Carmella don Mello heads of their own. When R-Truth ambushes the real Mello in his SUV, Carmella comes from behind for the takedown and regains her title.

Watch the truly absurd events unfold in the videos below.