Marshmello Releases The First Single From His Upcoming Joytime IV album, “ Before U ”

Marshmello‘s last single, “Preached” with Lil Dusty G, was released five months ago, but it feels like much longer. Maybe it’s because we’ve grown accustomed to the masked artist’s rapid release schedule, but “Before U” is out today. Not only will the new single be the first single from Marshmello’s upcoming Joytime IV album, but it will also be a new lobby track on Fortnite after over 100,000 fans voted on for the next Marshmello Lobby Track. (At the time of publication, a clip of the other contender, “ReMiNiSce,” was still available on the site.)

Both songs are a throwback to Marshmello’s earlier production style, which dates back to the first Joytime album six years ago, before all of the massive pop collaborations and massive producer team ups. “Before U” is bright and catchy, but it’s also very straightforward. Check it out below.

Photo via Ryan Hadji