Mark the beast in a pool of his own creativity with "You see / Problem"

 Glued image 0 (2) "width =" 850 "height =" 850 "/> </p><noscript><img class= Mark The Beast is back with the release of a delightful double title " See You / ] Problem . "Producing synthesized melodies that reflect the sounds of the real world, the producer places the listener in a dream state of Alice in Wonderland with its innovative sound design.

feat. "Up to you". Charmae ​​begins in a traditional pop style and is then subverted by the charm of Mark's bass . From Hanz Zimmer -esq swells to dramatic blows Mark continues to explore the landscape of electronic music. For his second song, the New York producer joins forces with Codd Dubz's 'dub-extraordinaire' on "Problem feat. Born I Music. "Finishing the year in style, Mark The Beast continues to flourish in a pool of his own creativity.

Mark the Beast – See you soon / Problem | Stream EP


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Mark The Beast flourishes in a pool of his own creativity with "See You / Problem"

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