Mariah Carey Teams Up With Brandy For A Revamped Version Of Her Song “The Roof” Featuring Two Renowned R&B Vocalists

Mariah Carey teams up with Brandy for a revamped version of her song “The Roof,” featuring two renowned R&B vocalists. This legendary duet was performed as part of Mariah’s MasterClass. This new version of “The Roof” is a captivating companion to the original, which is already a fan favorite among Mariah’s admirers. The Poke and Tone-produced song first appeared on the 1997 classic album “Honey.” The song debuted as part of a MasterClass. Mariah demonstrated how to utilize one’s voice as an instrument, not only to sing but also to compose and construct melodies, lyrics, and orchestration. Carey’s session is now accessible only on MasterClass, where users with an annual membership gain unrestricted access to all 150+ teachers.