Mariah Carey Releases New Jermaine Dupri Produced Single “Save The Day”

Mariah Carey is back with her new single “Save The Day”. The Jermaine Dupri produced record uses a sample of The Fugee’s classic song “Killing Me Softly” and you can hear Lauryn Hill’s vocals throughout the record. During the pandemic, Mariah Carey has been providing R&B lovers with a handful of gems including a clip of the unreleased music video for “Underneath The Stars”. The legendary singer most recently announced that she will be releasing “The Rarities” which is a collection of unreleased records from her vault. Who knows what will appear on this new project, but the wait won’t be long as the album is set to come out October 2nd. “The Rarities” will also include a second disc which contains full-length live audio from her 1996 “Daydream” tour.