Mariah Carey Dominates #BottleCapChallenge Using Only Her Voice

Mariah Carey just accepted the #BottleCapChallenge — and completely shut it down in the process. The viral video frenzy took off recently, thanks to MMA fighters and celebrities including John Mayer, Ellie Goulding and Diplo. All of which show off their best roundhouse kick for the camera and knock off a bottle cap in the process, as seen in the videos here. Marshmello has mastered the most graceful #BottleCapChallenge fail, by the way.

Now, the rest of the #BottleCapChallenge videos seem like child’s play compared to that of pop diva Mariah Carey. The star appears to square up before psyching out the camera. Instead of the anticipated roundhouse kick — because that’s been done before — Mariah uses nothing but her voice to send the bottle cap spinning into oblivion. With a single note, she dominates. We actually had to watch this a few times through, because damn. Everyone knows Mariah has some pipes, but this is seriously next level. Watch below.

Mariah Carey Drops Mic On #BottleCapChallenge