Marc Jacobs Runway ’19 O!Mega Gel Powder Eyeshadows Reviews & Swatches



Marc Jacobs Beauty Rose O!Mega Gel Powder Eyeshadow is a medium-dark pink with subtle, cool undertones and a matte finish. It had an incredibly silky, smooth consistency that was lightly powdery in the pan but had enough substance that it didn’t immediately sheer away to nothing when applied to bare skin. I did find that it was a little more prone to darkening in places but seemed to diffuse and blend out from there enough that I didn’t notice any unevenness after I finished applying the color. It had opaque pigmentation that stayed on well for eight hours on me.


Marc Jacobs Beauty Violet O!Mega Gel Powder Eyeshadow is a medium-dark, lavender purple with warm undertones and a matte finish. It had a more powdery consistency, which even translated in the swatch, despite having a more pigmented formulation to start with. The color had a tendency to sheer out a bit when applied over bare skin, and there was noticeable fallout (even though I tried to avoid it). The powder itself seemed particularly finely-milled, but it seemed to lack enough binder to keep it together. It’s the type of shade that might be worth working with using an eyeshadow primer or more blown out (say in the crease) than an all-over lid shade. This shade stayed on well for seven hours before I noticed fading on my skin.


Marc Jacobs Beauty Smoke O!Mega Gel Powder Eyeshadow is a faded, bluish-gray with subtle, cool undertones and a matte finish. I struggled to work with this shade, as it applied unevenly and darkened noticeably on my skin, even over the drier skin on my arm. The color darkened in general (compared to the pan color), but it also darkened more in some areas than others, which was only exacerbated when I applied it to my lid (which is more normal than dry). I highly recommend using this over an eyeshadow primer and likely using it as a crease/transition shade, which is where it seemed to be easiest to use, as the edges blended out decently. The texture was silky smooth but moderately powdery with some fallout during application. It lasted for seven hours on me before fading noticeably.