Marc Jacobs Forbidden Fruit, Want Me, Make Me Enamored Lip Lacquers Reviews & Swatches


Forbidden Fruit (334)

Marc Jacobs Beauty Forbidden Fruit (334) Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer is a muted, light-medium orange with a jelly-like, high-shine finish. It wasn’t pale enough that it veered into milky territory, but it had translucency and some plushness in its consistency that made it look jelly-like to my eye.

It had medium coverage that applied evenly and smoothly across my lips, and it seemed to soften my lip lines. The texture felt smooth, lightweight but more medium in thickness, with slight tackiness. It stayed on well for four hours and felt hydrating over time.

Want Me (338)

Marc Jacobs Beauty Want Me (338) Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer is a pale pink with subtle, cool undertones and a cream finish paired with moderate shine. It had semi-opaque color coverage in a single layer, and while more product increased coverage, it looked even worse–just too thick and too much product on the lips. This shade was described as “opaque” by the brand.

In a single layer, it applied somewhat evenly but pulled into lip lines, and if I pressed my lips together, there were visible lines of demarcation. It was a high-maintenance shade to wear as it was hard to keep it looking “mostly” even and streak-free. The texture was smooth, lightweight, and spreadable with light tackiness, so it was comfortable and lightly moisturizing over the four hours it lasted for.

Make Me (340)

Marc Jacobs Beauty Make Me (340) Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer is a muted, darker mauve with neutral-to-warm undertones and a cream finish paired with a high-shine. The consistency was smooth, fluid–like a gel-cream–that spread easily over my lips and seemed to soften out some of my lip lines. It could have applied slightly more evenly, especially along the edges.

It had semi-opaque color coverage, though this shade was described as “opaque,” and it wore well for four and a half hours and felt hydrating over time.