Manila Killa’s Long-Awaited Debut Album, “Dusk” Is Now Out

The album has finally arrived after a long, long wait. If this is your first introduction to Manila Killa, Dusk will sound fantastic. It has natural ebbs and flows, and each tune brings you closer to the finish of the album, like a full-length album should. Long-time Manila Killa fans, on the other hand, will hear a bit more. With entertaining remixes and lighthearted originals, you’ll hear the progression and refinement of his skill after many years of grinding.

On Dusk, Manila Killa will make sounds you’ve never heard before. The transition from euphoric dance sounds on “Devotion” to Drum & Bass-inspired “Take Me Higher” is a real delight to hear on Manila Killa’s first full-length album. Manila Killa’s “I’m Here” moment is more of a “I’m Ready to Take the Next Step” moment because he’s been here for a while.”

Check out the full album below.

Manila Killa – Dusk