Manila Killa Kicks Off Fall Tour With 1993 Deluxe Edition

Fresh off revealing all the dates for the phase 2 to his headlining 1993 Tour, Manila Killa is proud to unveil the newest additions to his acclaimed debut EP. Transcending fans into an alternative universe filled with luxurious melodies and inspiring toplines, The 1993 (Deluxe Edition) EP offers much more than you’d expect. Featuring a hectic line-up of remixers to deliver their spins on each track, the original artist himself allowed a couple of his self made adaptations to see the light of day. Each of the tracks was meticulously selected by Manila Killa with the intention of showcasing his ever-evolving influences and diverse musical palette. The deluxe edition features dusk versions of “1993” and “Run Away,” along with new remixes by AObeats, Laxcity, and Acaer. Stream his 1993 (Deluxe Edition) EP below.

Manila Killa – 1993 (Deluxe Edition) EP