Manila Killa and Hotel Garuda Set the Stage Ablaze with an Epic Reunion for a Mind-Blowing Nelly Furtado Remix!

Manila Killa and Hotel Garuda, two prominent names in the electronic dance music scene, have come together to launch a new project named CHROMEBODIES. Their first release under this project is a remix of the classic hit “Say It Right” by Nelly Furtado.

The duo has a long history of working together. Hotel Garuda was a joint venture of Chris Gavino, Manila Killa, and Aseem Mangaokar, who also goes by Candle Weather. However, in 2018, Chris continued with Manila Killa, while Aseem took over Hotel Garuda, leaving Candle Weather behind. But now, they are back together with a new musical project, CHROMEBODIES.

The remix has a nostalgic late 90s/early 00s vibe, with its upbeat synths, melodies, and bouncy rhythm. It celebrates the classic dance music sounds that inspired many artists of that era. The remix feels both nostalgic and fresh, capturing the essence of the original song while adding a modern twist.