Manic Focus Shares Sixth Studio Album Lost In A Digital World

It’s often said that a great album is much more than a collection of songs recorded to release together. At its core, an album flows with each song being a different chapter to the story that the artist is trying to tell. Manic Focus‘s sixth studio album Lost In A Digital World achieves that. Each song showing Manic Focus’s long journey to the dynamic, multi-faceted producer that he’s proven to the world he is.

“Star Sweeper” kicks you off with drum and bass, while “Just Like You” and “Bom Ditty Bom Bom” pulls inspiration from Manic Focus’s pure love of hi-hop and beats. From top to bottom, Lost In A Digital world balances the line between organic sounds and electronic production to create one cohesive piece. The album caps off with a gorgeous future funk ballad with collaborator Russ Liquid. “Riding Solo” immediately feels like one of those songs that you can’t pinpoint when you need to listen to – but when the time comes…you’ll know.

Manic Focus – Lost In A Digital World