Malvae’s Latest Hit ‘Pursuit’: Breaking Boundaries and Setting Trends

Originally from the Netherlands but raised in New Zealand, Malvae, also known as Jim van der Breggen, creates his unique electronic tunes by blending organic samples from field recordings, synthesized elements, and his own vocals tweaked to perfection. He burst onto the music scene in 2017 with the track “Haunts Me,” featuring Esther Veen, which quickly climbed the viral charts in the USA.

His debut album, “Amazonas,” took him on a 2000km expedition through the Amazon rainforest, capturing its essence to shed light on its ecological significance. Almost every sound in the album originates from these recordings, offering an immersive auditory journey deep into the heart of the jungle.

Malvae’s recent projects explore a fusion of various electronic genres and analog synthesizers. He recently introduced his fresh live set at Amsterdam’s renowned Melkweg venue, unveiling unreleased tracks and signaling a progression in his sound. This performance assures an enchanting voyage through a musical realm where the lines between nature and electronic creativity blend seamlessly. The pinnacle of this transformative journey lies in Malvae’s newest release, “Pursue,” encouraging listeners to immerse themselves in its groundbreaking sonic landscape, embodying his forward-thinking approach to music creation.

Photo Credit: Colin Darbyshire