Malaa Escorted By “Police” On Stage At Ultra 2019 [WATCH]


Malaa is taking his outlaw image to the extreme with a series of arrest stunts…

Just last week, we saw him being escorted off stage by “police” in San Diego at the end of his set. Last night, he appeared in cuffs and an orange jumpsuit as he was led to the stage at Ultra Music Festival to close out the Worldwide Stage.

For a split-second, he almost had us fooled. But, with the ski mask, Illegal Mixtapes and all, it’s blatantly obvious that Malaa is building on the brand and having fun playing with the audience.

If there’s anything Malaa should be arrested for, it’s his murderous sets.

Oh yeah, and #FreeMalaa.

Malaa Escorted By Police @ Ultra 2019

.@Malaamusic being escorted by “police” 👮‍♂️ to his set last night after pulling a similar stunt in San Diego last week

— Your EDM (@YourEDM) March 30, 2019

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