Makeup Wipes Alternatives That Are Good For Your Skin

Looking peng with your makeup on fleek all day is extremely satisfying and keeps you in line with your “baby girl” lifestyle. On the other hand, no one enjoys taking off all that makeup at the end of the day — unless, of course, you’re among the special demographic that enjoys taking a night bath on a regular basis. There have been times (or more) when you’ve been so tired at the end of the day that a makeup wipedown isn’t on your radar. “Hell, hit the sheets and take it off in the morning,” an inner voice says at that point.

What this voice does not tell you is that sleeping with makeup on is bad for your skin and can lead to breakouts! Seriously, removing makeup before going to bed is an essential part of skincare, especially if you want healthy, glowing skin. But what if you forget to stock up on wipes and arrive home to find an empty wipe case? Or that time of the month when your hormones are out of whack and everything, including wipes, irritates your skin? Check out these makeup wipes alternatives that are good for your skin.



Photo: Ron Lach | Pexels

Most of the time, a good old face cleanser is still a great way to remove all of your makeup after it has been caked on all day. Your face isn’t completely clean no matter how many wipes you use; you still need a proper sink session. Choose a gentle cleanser that won’t irritate your skin and avoid excessive rubbing. When it comes to rubbing, now is not the time to flex your muscles. To put it another way, your skin despises excessive rubbing. You can continue with the rest of your daily skincare routine after you’ve washed properly.

Coconut oil

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We’re sure you’re wondering what this oil can’t do, and we’re in the same boat. This fantastic oil is not only inexpensive and readily available, but it also requires no preparation and is a great substitute for makeup wipes. Furthermore, you can use it on its own and still get the best results. Simply dab a cotton pad with coconut oil on your face and leave it to sit for a minute or two. This will allow the makeup to soften and will prevent you from rubbing your face (especially the eye area). Oil dissolves oil, and if your makeup is oil-based, you already know it can’t resist the allure of coconut oil. Watch the coconut oil slough it off right in front of your eyes. It’s best to use it before taking a bath.



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Cleopatra’s flawless skin was not a fluke. The application of milk to the skin is a centuries-old beauty secret that has proven to be effective. As a result, while milk removes makeup, it also nourishes your skin. How’s that for killing two birds with one stone? Furthermore, the fat and protein in milk (whole milk) aid in moisture retention. That means you’ll not only get rid of your makeup, but you’ll also be able to lock in some serious moisture. For the best results, apply milk to your face and then wipe it away with a cotton pad.

Vaseline (petroleum jelly)


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Who would have guessed that our beloved Vaseline would come in first place on such a list? Even waterproof eye makeup can be removed with Vaseline. Simply apply Vaseline to your face and wait for the makeup to soften before wiping it away with a cotton pad. Apply the same method to stubborn matte lipsticks and even full-face makeup. If you don’t like the greasy aftereffect, use your facial cleanser to clean your face and don’t forget to moisturize.

Baking Soda And Honey

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We all know that you can’t talk about skin care without mentioning honey, and this is no exception. Honey is good for all skin types because it repairs and rejuvenates your skin cells, giving you a youthful glow. Put some honey on a cotton pad, sprinkle some baking soda on it, and gently rub it over your face to remove makeup and exfoliate. Because wiping off might remove the honey’s effect on your skin, it’s best to rinse with lukewarm water instead.

Extra Hints

– Flat cotton pads are preferable to cotton balls because they cover more surface area and provide better coverage when removing makeup from the skin. Cotton balls, on the other hand, would normally leave fiber residue on your lashes and/or skin after use; cotton pads do not.

– Steam: Many celebrities swear by steam because it helps to unclog pores, remove accumulated impurities, and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out. After you’ve used any of the methods listed above, you can use steam to remove any stubborn leftover makeup that’s clinging to your face. After that, either wipe it away with a face cloth or rinse it away.

– By avoiding excessive rubbing, you can let these substitutes do the work. Instead, brush your teeth, listen to music, or take a walk around the house while it sits tight on your face. This will keep your eyes from puffing up in the morning. Then, when it’s time to shower, wash it off and watch your skin glow.

Featured image: Ron Lach | Pexels