Makeup Tips On How To Make Your Face Thinner

With the creativity of makeup artistes hitting overdrive, it’s no wonder they keep dishing out wonders ever so often. From the pouted lips magic, to more defined chin, there’s almost no beauty therapy you can’t achieve with some creativity and makeup tools. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your face thinner but dread going under the knife, wonder no more as you’re in luck!

These makeup geniuses have finally granted your desires and we’re here to enlighten you. It’s super easy to achieve thinner face with makeup as all you need do is understand a few tips and tricks. Because various elements make up your overall face, you’ll need to get creative with how you play them up for this purpose. For example, elements like your brows, lips, eyes, and even chin are all important in the overall look, thus you should consider how to work with them. Of course, no need to worry as we have outlined the easiest guide to help you navigate these waters.

Check These Easy Makeup Tips On How To Make Your Face Thinner

Choose The Right Eyebrow Shape

Your eyebrows should be substantial, but not thick, and have a defined arch in the middle. Arched brows help lift the face and make your face look slimmer. In addition, color in your brows with a shade of makeup slightly darker than your natural brow to help them stand out. Also, opt for a concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone to accentuate your brows.

Cover Eye Circles

Eye circles can have a weighty effect on how you look. Cover under eye circles with concealer to hide them and blend to match the rest of your face. You can also add a white eye shadow or highlighter to the outer and inner corners of your eyes to help them stand out. When your eyes stand out in a good way, rather than as a result of dark circles, your face automatically appears thinner.

Contour In A Diagonal Line From The Center Of Your Cheek Up To Your Ear

While you do this, make a slight “fish face” (you know, the pucker) to figure out the perfect placement. The perfect spot is the hallows of our cheekbones. The higher you place your contour shade, the sharper your cheekbones will look. Finish off by dusting highlighter across the tops of the cheekbones to really bring out the contour. Don’t forget to blend it all.

Use Lighter Lip Colors

Research has shown that dark lip colors tend to make you appear heavier, whereas, a lighter shade can make your face look lighter and your lip fuller. The key is to use a color that complements your skin tone and makes you feel confident. After all, you’ll be wearing it most of the day.

Contour Your Nose

Swipe your contour powder/cream down the sides of nose, stopping just before you get to the nostrils. Then, blend a highlighter down the bridge of the nose in a vertical line to complete the effect. Most importantly, ensure you blend out properly.

Experiment With Blush Points

Most ladies should use a blush with a slight brown undertone for best results. Blushes with red undertones can actually make the face look heavier than it is. Apply your blush just under the cheekbone and sweep it from bone to the middle of each ear. Apply lightly, to avoid looking like a clown.

Featured image: theacaciamcbride | Instagram