Make That “Booty Work” with Gettoblaster’s New Single ft. DJ Dagwood [LISTEN]

Gettoblaster are back at it with another dancefloor heater, “Booty Work” featuring DJ Dagwood. Before we even get into it, the track’s title really tells it like it is. Fat basslines, crisp shakers and a nonstop, bouncing groove — it’s all in there, signature of Gettoblaster’s own signature style. Less is always more with these guys, with emphasis on thick, quality sound.

“Booty Work” hits with that same swagger heard in their huge summer smash “Get Dat” with DJ Funk. We simply can’t get enough of Gettoblaster’s classic jacking of house and techno, expertly demonstrated here.

To be on the dancefloor when this is playing — and not move — would be a straight up crime.

Listen and link up below!

Get it:

Gettoblaster – “Booty Work” ft. DJ Dagwood