Major Tech Trends To Expect In The New Year

Every new year brings a slew of new tech trends that will define the next 12 months. The new developments are coming thick and fast, and just when you thought we couldn’t go much deeper into the digital world, it appears we’re about to. As the development of the metaverse takes steam, we can expect to see brands and enterprises of all types scurrying to embrace this new and intriguing 3-dimensional realm, which has commonly been termed the ‘internet 2.0‘.

However, as individuals, we will be coming closer to accepting this brave new world, which is likely to change everything from the way we work to our social life. The fact that some of the biggest trends we might anticipate seeing this year have anything to do with the Metaverse is likely not unexpected; these are the ones you should pay attention to.

AI (artificial intelligence) Advancements And The Online Casino Industry

AI - Artificial intelligence. Ai digital brain. Robotics concept

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.

Online entertainment sourcing is nothing new, but what’s on offer in the new year is set to grow much more intriguing. The recent global pandemic resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of new sign-ups to some of the biggest and best online casino platforms, and while the reopening of land-based establishments has seen many traditional gamblers return to their former in-person habits, many of the top providers have done well to retain a portion of this new customer base in the long run.

This is partly due to the advent of live dealer and gaming experiences, as well as new AI (artificial intelligence) technology, which has made the customer experience completely frictionless from beginning to end, while also making the deposit and withdrawal procedure more safe. Expect anticipate provider adoption to skyrocket as they compete to recruit new high-rollers and keep them coming back for more.

Extending Virtual Reality Beyond Games

virtual reality

You’ve almost certainly heard of virtual reality, and most likely augmented reality, too – but in 2023, the focus will be all about combining the two in what is now being described as ‘extended reality’.

Virtual and augmented reality are becoming more and more common in the gaming industry, where players can enter a new world by simply looking into special glasses or headsets. However, as the year begins, we can expect to see extended reality encroaching on a variety of other industries in addition to gaming and being used to address a variety of problems. The technology works by fusing the actual environment with a ‘digital twin,’ reflecting it and allowing the two to interact.

The Metaverse is a prominent example of this, but it is already being utilized in areas like as real estate, remote working, and the broader entertainment realm, and it is expected to grow tremendously in the new year.

Crypto And Blockchain


Although ongoing economic factors mean that 2023 is likely to be a challenging one for cryptocurrencies across the board, the ongoing development of blockchain technology and the recent upgrades to some of those considered the most promising is something that shouldn’t be ignored.

After the recent worldwide market collapses, did you believe you’d seen the end of cryptocurrencies? Think again, since this current drama is simply another symptom of a generally volatile asset that is destined to continue its upward trajectory – with or without a few surprises here and there. Although ongoing economic factors suggest that it will be a difficult year for cryptocurrencies in general, the ongoing development of blockchain technology and recent upgrades to some of the most promising – such as Ethereum – is something that should not be overlooked, and that is almost certain to boost the value of the digital currencies involved in the long run.

Perhaps more intriguingly, blockchain is the technology that supports and allows the Metaverse to exist, and it has already been utilized to construct this decentralized network of 3D places and virtual worlds. And decentralized tokens based on blockchain technology will be used to conduct transactions within the Metaverse, such as buying and selling virtual real estate, playing games, and acquiring non-fungible tokens (NFTs), implying that their function would eventually be multifaceted.

It is evident that blockchain will play a major part in our digital future, and as they grow more valuable to us, so will their associated cryptocurrencies. Of course, not all of them will survive, and those that do not continue to adapt and upgrade the blockchains on which they function will inevitably fall behind. It’s sink or swim in a new year, and only time will tell who comes out on top.