Major Lazer Drops New Song “Make It Hot” & Talks New Music On Beats 1

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Major Lazer continues the rollout of their next album today with “Make It Hot,” featuring Brazilian megastar Anitta. The track was Zane Lowe’s World Record on Apple Music’s Beats 1 today, during which he had Diplo and Walshy Fire in the studio to talk about the record and Major Lazer as a whole.

on ‘Make It Hot’

Diplo: It’s a crazy record. We’ve been working with Anitta for years. She’s one of the biggest artists in Brazil, and a breakout star and someone unique like that is kind of the vibe for Major Lazer. That’s what I’m trying to do with the difference in the projects is Diplo just putting out house records for the next foreseeable future, and then Major Lazer go with more of the pop-centric and more club music, and just that makes the most sense.

on Major Lazer lineup changes

Diplo: Jillionaire just wanted to take a break from touring. He’s doing his own projects. It’s a grueling tour. We play shows, like 20 of us on the road for like 10 days at a time, and it’s hard. He lives all the way in Trinidad, so it’s also, to go to L.A. or to go to Vegas is like 24 hours of flights. I mean, I love making music and I love traveling, too. So those two things, I can’t complain about it. I love doing those things. As long as you take control of your situations and travel and be healthy. Don’t drink. Go out and do your shows, treat it like a job like anything else. I’m lucky to do that. Ape Drums always been inspirational to us, anyway. His records, doing the hybrid of dance hall and club music. He’s produced a couple records for us before. I think he’s just great on tour. I need new energy for the shows and we have new dancers and a new stage show, so just always trying to push it forward, you know?

on more music for Major Lazer

Diplo: Yes. Brand new song-It’s Major Lazer, J. Balvin, El Alfa- Big Club Record- Tik Tok. That new new.

Listen to “Make It Hot” below!

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