Madnap Releases First Original Of 2019, “Slow Down”

The first time I saw Madnap was at a Space Yacht show in Los Angeles. He was jumping around in the booth, dropping cuts from M83, Porter Robinson, Capital Cities and more and it seemed like a wildly disjointed set. And yet, it was wildly fun, too.

Now, a year or so later, I’m happy to know Madnap personally and I get a lot more why he is the way he is — he just loves the music. His first original of 2019, “Slow Down” on Thrive Music, is wonderfully representative of this passion.

Teaming up with Pauline Herr, Madnap creates a beautiful and serene tune in “Slow Down” that aims to both excite and calm your nerves. It’s a tenuous line to tackle, but with the mixture of a poppy tempo and a constant, melodic bassline, it’s right on the money.

Check it out below on Spotify!

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