Madeon‘s wwFest: VALORANT set has hit YouTube

Madeon‘s wwFest: VALORANT set has hit YouTube — and we highly recommend watching it while you can. The Good Faith producer’s recent live performance completely immerses the viewer in his audio/visual genius. Featuring well over a dozen Madeon songs and music from Daft PunkPorter Robinson, Gesaffelstein, Rezz, Disclosure, Dr. Fresch, TroyBoi, etc., this set is one of the most versatile and straight up fun we’ve heard from Madeon.

wwFest: VALORANT took place over the weekend, featuring Moore Kismet, Whipped Cream, Ookay and more, bringing some of the best in dance music to the stage via Crown Channel.

Following the live stream, Madeon shared:

Just rewatched my set from yesterday, i’m kind of proud of it !! Unfortunately for rights reason it can’t be shared on VOD… But who knows, maybe people recorded it, maybe you could even find it by searching “Madeon WWFest” on YouTube

For now, Madeon’s wwFest set is available below.

Madeon – wwFest Live DJ Set [Epilepsy Warning]

Photo via Diego Andrade