Madeon’s Good Faith Live Debut At Lollapalooza Will be Live Streamed

madeon second sky

Madeon is in the midst of preparing for his Good Faith Live debut at Lollapalooza this coming Saturday. And while the legions of fans at Grant Park in Chicago are going to be seeing the debut in person, millions more will be watching from the live stream.

The French producer has just announced via social media that the set WILL be live streamed.

“Playing Saturday 9-10pm American Eagle stage (will be live streamed!)”

This is an exciting time for the producer as he’s released two singles from the forthcoming project, “All My Friends” and “Dream Dream Dream.” We’re likely to hear more unreleased music from Good Faith at Lollapalooza, in addition to the entirely reimagined live show design.

Check out the teaser image below from Madeon, and set your alarms for this weekend! Live stream info and details to come later this week.