Madeon Reveals Teaser For Next Single, “DREAM”

madeon second sky

Five weeks ago, Madeon gave the world “All My Friends,” his first solo original in four years and the first single from his forthcoming project, Good Faith. It’s a brilliant fusion of pop and dance in a way that only he could conjure up, but his next single is coming soon! The French producer has revealed “DREAM” (or perhaps “Dream Dream Dream” is the caption has any relevance) is out next week with a new teaser on social media. The announcement was shared with a video stating, “NEW SINGLE. NEXT WEEK.”

Part of the announcement does come with a mystery, however. It also says “Listen on ???? ????? ?????” — the meaning of which is unclear, and hasn’t even been brought up in the replies. Regardless, we’re getting new Madeon next week, so buckle up!

— Madeon (@madeon) July 8, 2019