Madeon Gets a Hard Dance Remix from Zeal on “All My Friends” [Free Download]

The electro-pop hit “All My Friends” from Madeon has been out for over a year now. At the time of release, it was heralded as the long sought after return of the French producer’s then upcoming music. Since its release, the debut single from Madeon’s sophomore album Good Faith is still a beloved, catchy track. Australian native and burgeoning artist Zeal has recently reworked the track into a hard dance banger. At a whopping 170 bpm, Zeal takes what was once a slow, pensive mood and transforms it into skyrocketing adrenaline. The melodic chorus meets this slapping mix of kick and bass that tugs at what makes fans of hard music want to let loose. This is the kind of remix that makes you want to stomp your feet in rambunctious excitement.

The best part of this new Zeal remix of “All My Friends” is that it’s free. Grab this new Madeon edit now.