Madeon Fans Finally Solve Riddle To Accessing Secret 2017 EP

In 2017, two years after his debut album Adventure and two years before his sophomore album Good Faith, Madeon was not happy with music. He had reached a block, one that caused him anger and frustration. And so for one day, 24 hours, he made music out of anger. “If albums testify eras, this is just a day. This is an entry in my diary,” he wrote. The story behind the EP is an interesting one, laid out by /u/ProphetPenguin on Reddit.

Thus, 12122017 was born. The 6-track EP is unlike anything Madeon has made before, apart from perhaps his evil edit of “Shelter.” But it’s certainly unlike anything he’s publicly released. The tracks are dark and foreboding and they carry a heavier Gesaffelstein/Kavinsky tone rather than the bright and uplifting sounds of Good Faith. Listen for yourself below, and download here.