Madeon Celebrates 10 Years Since Uploading First Original

Madeon celebrates a milestone today as he marks 10 years since he uploaded his very first original. After over a decade of making music, the producer has a lot behind him to be proud of and a bright future ahead.

Tracing back his early work on SoundCloud, we’ve rediscovered “For You,” a funky, fresh production for its time with playful progression and a four on the floor groove. The song amassed 1.08 million plays on the platform, but more importantly, the track put Madeon on his creative path.

He was making music long before he uploaded “For You,” however. “The Time Has Come” was technically the first track a young Madeon uploaded onto MySpace back in 2016 — but the tweet below is going by the 2010 timeline.

It has been 10 Years today since I uploaded the first original Madeon song 💫

— Madeon (@madeon) May 26, 2020

Today, Madeon reflects on 10 years of making music…

Many incredible highlights of course but the main thing i’ll say is that I REALLY WANTED this career. What I do now is exactly what I’ve been dreaming of doing since I started making music at 10.

— Madeon (@madeon) May 26, 2020

And encourages everyone to tap into their inner creativity…

If you don’t already create (music, drawings, write, anything), I would encourage you to try something out for fun.
Nobody is good at anything at first but the iterative improvements along the way feel great!
It’s been one of my favorite parts of life.

— Madeon (@madeon) May 26, 2020

Revisit “For You” below and take Madeon’s advice — you never know what could come as a result of exploring these creative outlets.

Madeon – For You

Photo Credit: Jack McKain via youredm

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